26 June 2006

Scared Half To Death - Wanna Try Again??

Went to the SantaCruz Beach Boardwalk on Friday the 23rd to hear Greg Kihn and spin on the rides. Kihn was Kihn. He kicks off the summer concert season at the 'Walk.

I'll go almost anywhere for live music, but, ever since I broke both wrists and squished my face after falling off of a school roof during my 13th summer, I've had second thoughts about being on second stories.

After riding the steel roller coaster called the Hurricane, we had to ride the Giant Dipper, Northern California's signature 1924-era wooden roller coaster at the Boardwalk.

You get a little more action with the flex of a wooden roller coaster. This, and the Carousel from 1911 are also National Landmarks.

Then, onto the Double Shot, and as it prepared to rocket us up the 125 feet at 3Gs, it locked up when some kid cried to be let off before it started. We all had to get out of the harnesses while a technician took 12 minutes to free this kid. Seemed like the kid jinxed it for us, so we didn't get back on when the tech was finished.

Speaking of Double Shots, a 24oz HeineCan was $5.75. That's not the gouging that a beer drinker expects when he's away from his own fridge, eh?

So, we got onto the tilt and spinner thing called Freefall that rotates 24 people seated facing each other in a square while it swings like a giant pendulum. JVO lost her voice screaming - and I lost my hearing. She was scared half to death and then the ride operator asked us all if we wanted to go on it for a second time...


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