16 August 2009

I'll Drink the Kool-Aid, but Add Some Sugar

Hey - I'll run sales leads as far as I have to in order to get a contract signed and a huge commission, but not when there's an obvious disconnect between management and the optimization of human resources. Passive aggressive behavior? You bet. Stand for it? Hell no! I'm not drafted or enlisted. Sitting in the car for 85 mins to Pacifica and Carmel are great daytrips with a woman next to me. Maybe I could find somebody totally available to go with?

Holy shit! In 24 years of sales and customer service I've never been with a Co. that treats sales people as expenses. Charging for sample cases, sales books, color ink for the printer?? WTH? Nobody is allowed to log onto a computer. There's no water in the water cooler.

"A lead is a name and address of a person who may or may not already own our products ".

Total Bullshit from top to bottom. I never saw anybody close a deal. Went out with "the boss" and he didn't sell 2 roofs and our 3rd lead in training was actually a service call. Fucking guy couldn't close an umbrella.

Too much cracker jack and not enough prize.

17 March 2009

St. Patrick's Day - lucky 4 leaf clover

Ah, the clover.
I love the love of it's love.
Normally, clovers have three hearts.
A love triangle?

26 February 2009

Avoiding Foreclosure in Residential Real Estate

This is not as simple as requesting that the lender "produce the original note" that you signed.

That will stall for a period of weeks or months, but: You've been paying the mortgage. Why?

Because you know that you owe it. What other payments do you make voluntarily?

Further: You're living... for free? In America, the home of Capitalism?
Is the home paid for? The title company would have record of that.

So, the Lender says: "Produce the evidence of payoff".

Now, you either hire an attorney with money you don't have, or foreclose. Very sorry.

Caffeine: It's ON

I awake in time to hear her say "Hellooo, Mr. Coffee"

Every few months, seemingly, we read a news release which states the early results of a study somewhere... pinning caffeine to either good or bad human processes.

I've read several times that caffeine blocks the human body's ability to absorb calcium.

Remember that a study done on animals isn't always the same as this one on humans:

THURSDAY, Feb. 26 (HealthDay News) -- Past studies have suggested that caffeine might offer some protection from skin cancer, and new research may explain why.

"We have found what we believe to be the mechanism by which caffeine is associated with decreased skin cancer," said lead researcher Dr. Paul Nghiem, an associate professor of dermatology at the University of Washington in Seattle.

For the study, Nghiem's team looked at caffeine's effect on human skin cells in a laboratory that had been exposed to ultraviolet radiation. They found that in cells damaged by UV rays, caffeine interrupted a protein called ATR-Chk1, causing the damaged cells to self-destruct.

"Caffeine has no effect on undamaged cells," Nghiem said.

ATR is essential to damaged cells that are growing rapidly, Nghiem said, and caffeine specifically targets damaged cells that can become cancerous. "Caffeine more than doubles the number of damaged cells that will die normally after a given dose of UV," he said.

"This is a biological mechanism that explains what we have been seeing for many years from the oral intake of caffeine," he added.

09 February 2009

So, the state of the State

With regard to housing, taxation, leverage, purchase, ownership, equity vapors, inventory of bank-owned properties, it's all Oprah's fault.

She needs to save the state that saved her ass after she ditched Chicago.

That's the rumour around the chi-chi city in which she resides.

How would I know? I'm only the R/E guy.

04 February 2009

Yes. It's pronounced Six-Burgh!

This is the correct shirt.
All other shirts are... shite.

Must say that I was concerned for a few days that the Steelers would lose this game. I don't know why. Maybe because of SB XXX when they lost just after a head coach change. Glad football season is over. All the BS back and forth is done for now.

03 February 2009

The Way I Prefer to Remember Her

When we're apart...

02 February 2009

Dynasty? Flash in the Pan if You Ask Me

America's Team? What's going on in Dallas?
Whatever happened to the Genius?
Where are the Patriots today?
Oh shit I'm so immature.

You'd have to be a fan of a team (any team, really, just be a fan removed from your team) to understand how the Steelers fans feel after watching the team begin and finish the 2004 season with a rookie QB, who scored a single loss and then the team lost the first round of the Playoffs, see them go through the 2005 season and win SuperBowl XL, then stumble through 06 and 07 and change several coaches and staff, rebuild and go through the toughest schedule in the league for the 2008 season and then persevere to win SuperBowl XLIII.

In January, James Harrison #92 was voted the NFL Defensive Player of the Year --- and then he proved it to everyone with an interception and 100 yard run to score 6 points in the Steelers' superbowl victory over the Cardinals -- who maybe didn't belong there after a 9-7 season.

Spicoli Coached the USA Olympic Swim Team

So, Iron Lungs himself shares his techniques for the best bonghits around the pools.