29 June 2006

What Planet Are You From?

Once a year - or so - I'm asked, "What planet are you from?" Well, we've just passed the summer solstice and I haven't yet been asked this year. Somebody, please! Ask me!
It's Earth, really. We call it Planet Diversity. Planet Unexpected.
Planet Different. Planet Unconventional. Planet Get Over It.

Usually, this question is in response to something I've said. That's okay. If we all said the same things there would be no use in speaking, would there? Having ellipitcal thoughts and sharing them with people creates a spark in conversation. If it wasn't controversial, it wouldn't be worth stating.

"I like strawberry Jell-O".
How's that for a safe and average-minded comment?
Yeah, it doesn't spark me, either.

One of my favorite public personalities is Henry Rollins. After touring in punk band Black Flag for several years, he now fronts his own band. Also seen in film and television and currently on the Independent Film Channel on his self titled tv show. Rollins alternates touring with the band and touring on his own, giving spoken word performances where he speaks nearly non-stop for 3 hours. Here's the schedule for the band's current tour.

I'm paraphrasing him when I repeat that Rollins says, "People don't have conversations anymore, they merely repeat news items in bullet format." It's fairly true. I know a discussion is concluding soon when people begin discussing television shows they've seen, instead of something meaningful about themselves. Another of my favorite quotes : "There's three kinds of people in this world: Those who make things happen; those who watch things happen; and those who show up later, and ask 'What happened?'".

What planet are you from?


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