27 October 2006

Kudos to Fujitsu

I write this mindless drivel from my original Fujitsu notebook, which had a hard drive failure a coupla months ago. Fry's replaced the HD free to me under the extended warranty plan that I paid for three years' coverage at $250. This is the second HD that was been replaced under that warranty plan... so far, I'm ahead in that area. Losing data makes the exchange more of a wash, in my books.

When I was called to p/u my repaired notebook, I drove to Fry's and brought it home and turned it on, and found the same problem was occurring. How could they have not checked the computer and found this??
The loaner that I was provided at Fry's Electronics.

So, back to Fry's it went and they immediately deduced that it was either the main memory or the mother board. That would mean a trip to the manufacturer for such a repair. It took Fry's in Campbell a full week to actually ship it to Fujitsu in Santa Clara. Really. I checked status with Fry's employees several times. After three weeks at Fujitsu for the motherboard and main memory swap-out, the notebook was returned to me and it finally effing works!!!
Canoe believe it??

The three lessons I learned from this experience :

1. Don't believe a thing that a Fry's employee says.

2. Don't believe anything that a Fry's employee says.

3. Believe nothing that a Fry's employee says.


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