25 December 2006

A Good Experience at Fry's ???

This is nothing, really.
I went to Fry's Electronics to buy a new bulb for that halogen torch lamp that everyone owns. I couldn't remember if this lamp needed a 100W or a 150W bulb, so I bought one of each. Return home, and I needed a 300W. A day later, I return to the same Fry's and return the two bulbs for store credit and go to the bulb aisle and find... ONE 300W halogen bulb for the torch lamp. I won't be able to feel sorry for the next guy very long --- I'm happy I got the last one.
Then, over to the fuse aisle, because this torch lamp has an inline slider switch that lies on the floor and is operated by yer foot. The second pack of fuses I picked was the right one! I looked for alternates to be certain I had the correct fuses. Again, I got the last one.
Occasionally, a good thing happens at Fry's.


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