21 March 2007

Killer Wilder Ride Today

Rode Monday, rained Tuesday, rode Wilder Ranch again Wednesday in perfect clarity -- in sharp contrast to Monday's ride which included the gradually obscured views brought by a rolling fog bank from the North. 4505 acres of park. Get lost!

Theme of the day : Gratitude.

Took Engelsmann high road, left onto to Wild Boar, to Old Cabin, left onto Eucalyptus Loop, left onto Bobcat trail, left up to the Bronze Medallion overlook for a moment to view Monterey Bay, then back down and to the left, across Wilder Ridge trail for a spin around Enchanted Loop, then return on Wilder Ridge going south to turn right onto Zane Gray and connect naturally to Old Dairy trail back to Wilder Ridge and return to the corral and stables.

On the downhill section of Wilder Ridge past the pond, I stopped to watch a bobcat, perched in front of a hole in the field, about 200 feet away. I was downwind, so the cat never smelled me and maybe never heard me as I partook in the aromatherapy. A few minutes later, the bobcat had crept across 40 feet and perched at another hole. Seemingly, this cat was waiting for a mouse, squirrel, rabbit to emerge.

Suddenly, the cat leapt and seized something and brought it back the 40 feet to the original spot and ate it. After, the remains were covered using the front paws, as normal. Tempted to see the remains, I resisted and continued to the beach trail across Hwy One. It's a wildlife preserve that is best left alone.


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