05 January 2008

I have so much to say since June

So, I go to visit my longtime friend out of town and the GF that I'm living with sends me a text message that she and her brother are moving all of my stuff into storage and I need to move out. WTF? I'm 3 hours away. Why would anyone do that? I tolder that they "didn't know what I need now or what I need later, so they can't possibly do it correctly. Standby. I'll do it when I return."

I rented a 20 x 10 space and had the storage people clean it / and I plugged the holes with steel wool. I rented a huge truck. I found some helpers at the Mexican Union Hall (home depot) to help move the heavy things.

We loaded up the truck with 98% of everything I own and began to drive to the storage when we encountered 3x normal traffic. Must be an accident, I say in Spanglish. As we approach, we see police everywhere and crime scene tape blocking a Major intersection. I knew then that the people in the car crash had died. That's what police do: close it off and investigate.

So, we loop around and get on the freeway to approach from the opposite side. The storage is located beneath the freeway overpasses. A good use for crappy real estate. The freeway exit is blocked. We try again from another approach. Three strikes and I'm out.

I drop off the border brothers and call the truck rental guy and then go buy a padlock to lock the back door of this truck containing my little world. Turns out, somebody was murdered several blocks away from where we were going.

Next day, same thing: I pick up two guys and we unload the truck into storage. I give them some cool things that they can use and we're done. I return the truck and then spill the icewater from the cooler onto the carpet in the back of my SUV. That's gonna need to dry out, but it's nearly dark. Oh, hell.

The experience is bittersweet because I don't have to return to that house full of loud immigrants with their shrill language that was designed to puncture the jungle. The house that has too much crime around it.



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