02 February 2009

Dynasty? Flash in the Pan if You Ask Me

America's Team? What's going on in Dallas?
Whatever happened to the Genius?
Where are the Patriots today?
Oh shit I'm so immature.

You'd have to be a fan of a team (any team, really, just be a fan removed from your team) to understand how the Steelers fans feel after watching the team begin and finish the 2004 season with a rookie QB, who scored a single loss and then the team lost the first round of the Playoffs, see them go through the 2005 season and win SuperBowl XL, then stumble through 06 and 07 and change several coaches and staff, rebuild and go through the toughest schedule in the league for the 2008 season and then persevere to win SuperBowl XLIII.

In January, James Harrison #92 was voted the NFL Defensive Player of the Year --- and then he proved it to everyone with an interception and 100 yard run to score 6 points in the Steelers' superbowl victory over the Cardinals -- who maybe didn't belong there after a 9-7 season.


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