29 June 2006

Two Times Daily

Do you ever find yourself wondering : Why do I feel a little slow midday and then I find another burst of energy in the second part of the day?
For millions of years, humans have adapted to climate. In a hot climate, we arise early for work and rest in the middle of the day. We then resume our life's work again as the earth cools after the midday peak.
In many places, there are two working shifts and we sense two peaks in our personal circadian rhythms. This part of nature cannot be denied. We see this in farming in the USA, we see it repeated in foreign countries. It's natural.
It's actually a little deeper than that. Cell regeneration during sleep is affected by our rhythms. Hormone production and brain wave activity follow cycles set in the area of the brain that also control breathing and heartbeat.
Traveling outside of your home's timezone can disrupt your circadian rhythms, leading to insomnia & fatigue AKA : jet lag. The seasonal lengthening of day and night in places near the North and South Poles cause the same disruptions.
You may feel that sleeping for 1/3 of your life is a waste, but being asleep is sometimes more important than being awake.


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