05 July 2006

Still Smoking

Not sure how I got onto their mailing list, but Parliament has been sending some rather expensive promo- tional items in the mail. The most recent is about 9″ wide x 7 1/2″ high (seen [1] on my desk with a staple remover for scale and [2] opened for the lights.)

Mailed in a heavy cardboard envelope, it opens up to a tri-fold, double-sided,
full-color brochure featuring a tropical island with people partying on the pier, etc. There are eight lanterns in the photo which are functioning LED lights when you open this thing! The center fold has a pocket with coupons to purchase cigarettes. Never!
Also received a translucent blue, waterproof plastic carrying case with like a shoelace attached for easy carrying of... a box of cigarettes. It had no product name on it, so I kept it for camping. Certainly not for cigarettes.

What the hell is going on over there in TobaccoWorld? Can you imagine how much profit is being wagered on luring new smokers of their deathsticks? I have a difficult time with smokers in general after witnessing so many lit cigarettes thrown from the windows of moving cars. Hey, Smoker! Is the world your ashtray!? Idiots. It makes a person want to scoop up a load of garbage and dump it back into their windows.

In addition to the bad sense we get from these cretins, we all know a relative, friend, co-worker who has been damaged or killed by years of smoking cigarettes. On the days I hate my job, I'm also thankful I'm not selling poison. How do they sleep at night?


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