24 July 2006

Too Much Wood

In the midst of a crop-killing heatwave, I get over to the coast and there are people burning wood in bonfires in the middle of the afternoon. Sure it's about 70 degrees at 3pm. A little chilly for ya, is it? Forget the fact that it's another Spare the Air day and these people are burning driftwood & seasoned oak (yew can smellit) on the sand. It's already blazing hot enough with the sun piercing the sky. They weren't cooking food or roasting marshmallows. I know, I walked 20 feet past them to verify (plus, I was starving after 18 miles on the bike).

Everyone's got their quirky rituals.
Some people just need to burn when they hit the beach.
I get a tattoo everytime I have a root canal.


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