23 July 2006

Tour de Fat - Epilogue

riding the wave of the front of the parade
six white shoes per wheel
click on the pic to see the 2 flailing massage hands

Recipe for a hotter than usual Saturday in July:

Take 22 degrees off of your hometown temperature and cycle in a bike parade through Golden Gate Park for 45 minutes.

View the vaudeville antics of Handsome Little Devils and The Yard Dogs.

Test your skills on any one of the 16 hand-built crazy bikes in the corral - helmets mandatory.

Grab a $4 pour from New Belgium Brewing Co. and settle into the verdant fields with cyclists from a 100 mile radius, and more.

Take in the melodic wanderings of Drums & Tuba (my second
live sousaphone experience in two weeks).

At the end, reward your friends with some pedal-powered impact-massage chair treatment.

See yous next year.


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