27 September 2006

Pseudonyms in Everyday Life

Most of you are aware that
Mark Twain's birth name is Samuel Clemmons.
Muhammed Ali changed his name from Cassius Clay.
Cher, Madonna, Moby, anyone in show business except Arnold Schwarenegger is suspect.

I use pseudonyms for online forms and for magazine subscriptions. It's generally considered a bad idea to use a pseudonym for a sweepstakes, raffle, or other giveaway. You might need to prove your identity to claim the prize.

Meanwhile, I track who sold "my name" to whom - when junk mail starts to arrive in a newly-issued pseudonym.

Here are some of my faves:

Lisa Carr
Earnest Complainier
Anita Vacacion
Bill Melater
Wa Ching Yu
Helen Waite
Jeff Leopard
Sohorney Weaver
Steve Dore
I. Ron Maiden
Rose Schambeaux
Charlie Davidson
Dick Hartigan
Eaton Dabussy
Meagan Vegan


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