17 August 2006

Yo, Semite!

Proud to report that we made our annual pilgrimage to Yosemite Valley and saw only one bear attempt to enter our campsite at night to pilfer some grub. She/He was no match for our loudness and brightness as everyone yelled and reached into the darkness to locate their flashlights. Harmless and hungry. Well, the bears are hungry and acclimated to humans being inside their park. Camera at the ready? Pshaw!! I wish in hindsight I had a photo of the bear's hindsight as she tore outta our camp.

$9 for a box o' wood and $8 for a sixpack of Moose Drool. Haven't had that beer since a trip to Montana six years ago. Good drinkin' near the fire.

Rafting is slow on the river; bring yer paddles fer certain. And use them.


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