03 November 2006

I Don't Belong Here

International High IQ Society?
The name, alone, would turn off many people. Don't be fooled by this, however. They devise puzzles and host an annual test titled the "World's Smartest Person 2006" which just concluded.

Why is this newsworthy? Because the answers to the '06 test are available as of October 31st. There's nothing I hate worse than delaying my delayed gratification. If I take a test, I want to know that the answers are available. I won't look at the answers until I have exhausted my personal resources. But, if I know the answers aren't available, I don't give it much effort.

Test yourself. Go on, test yourself.
Download the pdf file for the exam and then view the "answer form" to make certain that you know what type of answer they are seeking.
There's other fun puzzles and trivia and scheduled international events on that site. Check the puzzles at least --- if you're not into IQ tests. Some people simply are better at taking tests than others. Many people don't put a huge amount of value in these things. I do, however, enjoy the mental calisthenics.


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