27 December 2006

Wilder Ranch - Home Away From Home

Before the big, bad storm arrives in the valley, I race off to the Santa Cruz mountains for an equidistant and opposite view of Mt. Umunhum. A mixture of earth, pine needles and sand, the area along the coastal redwoods drains fast from the winter rains. The top layer is rarely muddy and when the soil is exposed, it's sticky like silly-putty.

The same trails that are dry, dusty and a little loose during the summer become magnetic. Biking through the forest and the exposed fire roads is FAST!

There's a few spots in this "bike park" where cellular service is surprisingly clear for Cingular customers. I can make business calls as long as I'm protected from the chatter of the wind.

It was 63F there with little wind and clouds very high. Compared to last Sunday, with a raging flu exiting my nose at 38F in Big Basin Park.

Good stuff all around. No issues.

Ride Stats
15.6 miles


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