22 January 2007

Chicago Bears V Indianapolis Colts

Are you all aware that no Manning playing QB in the NFL has ever made it to a SuperBowl --- and therefore, has never won a SB? HaHAA! Some of us "sore losers" that are fans of other teams delight in their misery. Abrasive? OK. But watching the 2004 Steelers go 15-1 in the regular season and then foul it up in the playoffs, none of us wanted to see the Colts nor the Patriots go any further into the playoffs.

Now, we have Peyton Manning trying to do what his brother, Eli, probably won't and his father, Archie, never did while a quarterback: win the national championship. Don't think that I hate him because he's a great quarterback. I just hate to see the wrong team advance. Luckily, the Steelers made up for their shortfall in the 2004 postseason during the 2005 postseason and they went on to win SuperBowl XL last year.

Admittedly the win against the Colts came on the missed field goal kick of Van der Jagt in the last seconds of that game. Van der Choke was replaced in the offseason by the league's most reliable FG kicker from their arch-nemesis -- the Patriots' Adam Vinatieri. The Patriots had taken out the Colts 2x on their road to SB victories in 2003 and 2004? I'll research the dates.

SO - After posting the best record ever for an AFC team, the Steelers' rookie quarterback in 2004 flubbed the game away and came back the next year to win the big one. I sense that the very same thing will happen with Manning and the Colts against the Chicago Bears, who are led by Rex Grossman --- said to be the worst QB in a SuperBowl.


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