05 January 2007

Wilder Ranch and the View of Monterey

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The view of Felton / Scotts Valley area

Woke up, looked out the window, looked at the satellite view of the west coast and then I took the camera for a MTB ride today. Started at the UCONN trail that begins on hwy nine in Felton, then continues into UCSC and across Empire Grade, a person can continue into Grey Whale and then Wilder Ranch down to Hwy 1.

From Wilder Ranch on Hwy 1 just North of Santa Cruz, there are several spots where 130-degree views of the edge of the Earth are clearly visible. From the Eucalyptus Grove picnic tables, I could see the white water and the tan sand of the beaches at Monterey. Between groves of trees on this side, I could make out buildings and cars and the rising edge of the bay over there.
same spot, zoomed in a little

To the North, I could see indeterminate land mass and the clear ocean until nothing more. The angle of the sun prevented the camera from capturing what my fried eyes could see further to the right in this image.

The cliff drop adjacent to the trail to Enchanted Loop needs a fence or something. A simple sign won't save somebody from falling off this hazard.

I must re-take this shot. It's MUCH further down than this looks.

Not much wildlife beyond birds today. 53F and occasional wind. The highway message sign on 17 advised slow speeds due to high winds. The pine trees next to my office window on the 3rd floor were swirling pretty strongly yesterday, so maybe they're right about that one.

A little storm damage from a week ago. Some downed trees and branches. Most have been cleared. There's one downed tree part that dropped straight onto the trail at Enchanted Loop. It's tough to get good lighting under the canopy, without a slave strobe.

exiting Enchanted Loop

On the way home on Hwy 17, there was next to zero traffic on my side and plenty on the Southbound side. If you know that road, the northbound version is just like mountainbiking or skiing or snowboarding. It's very swoopy. Don't shoot and drive.

I noticed a catamaran sailing at Lexington Reservoir, so I had to pull over and attempt to photo in the dimming light.



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