23 February 2007

Snowballs on Hwy 17

So the radio guy tells the traffic news and says there's snowball fights on Hwy 17 --- for the taking. Back from Reno, the eastern ridge of Mt. Hamilton and beyond were dusted heavily on Thursday morning. At 4:30 a.m. I was awakened by what sounded like water from a fire hose spraying onto the bedroom windows. I got up and looked : it was just like Costa Rica rain!

So, after working through the office calendar, I told myself Wednesday night that whichever of the next 2 days it did not rain --- I was going cycling. The other day would be for all the errands on the list, right? What a reversal. At 4:30, I knew what my day would be like. Good to get things finished and crossed off the list.

Here's a map of Russian Ridge, which is a great place on Hwy 35 / Skyline Blvd. to mountain bike after the rains because there are no trail closures.

Here's the CA roads conditions in streaming live video from Cal Trans. Scroll down.


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