21 February 2007

Your Best Odds in Reno

After surviving Chinese New Year in Reno with the extended external family, I've returned to report on the best odds there : This game beat out Baccarat with its 48/52 odds.

The odds are 50% for whether or not the waiter will take your half-eaten plate from the buffet after you've gone back for more food. Kid you not. 21? Craps? Pshaw! Your best odds in Reno are at the $18 buffet. Atop that, the odds are 100% that you'll end up breathing everyone's second hand smoke for the weekend.

We saw Bill Cosby's act on Saturday night. He's slowing down a bit. Good stories, good laughs, but you'd really have to be a fan to fully appreciate his show. Some drunkass monkey 2 rows ahead of our seats got up and approached the stage with a sheet of paper to request the "Fat Albert" story. Security from two directions almost whisked him away, but Cosby nearly layed on the stage floor to lean over and talk to this jackass eye-to-eye and Cosby eventually told him to be cool and to sit down in his seat. He wasn't doing the Fat Albert part tonight, but he had something special at the end.

After raising his hand in the dark and shouting out that he had a question, I saw him get up and cross the crowd to reach the aisle. I leaned over to my companion and told her to "go tackle that guy". I knew he was headed for the stage. And he looked like trouble.


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