23 March 2007

Laptop of Death

aka : Fuj you, Fujitsu.

One month after the 3-year warranty expired on my Fujitsu laptop, the LCD light on the screen intermittently died. The computer functioned, but you had to shine a really bright light at the screen to see what was going on there.

Did some research on the 'net and found a DIY page for replacing the LCD inverter : which controls the light, etc. Sometimes, the light works, but the LCD inverter is fouled up and causes the light to not work. That's the case with mine. Intermittent failure of the light = good function / bad connection.

Did some research on the 'net and found that $75 is the cost for a new laptop cover/LCD screen with functioning light --- on eBay.

Kiss that $269 repair estimate good bye.



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