05 January 2008

Snowboarding In Tahoe

The best part of the Earth getting cold each season is the snowfall that allows us all-season gravity junkies a way to pass the days while freezing. Gotta stay active! So, I'm hanging out with my host and we're kicking ass and taking names while snowboarding and then it happens : I slide out on Sierra Cement and as I hear the scraping sound of my board my brain tells my body to prepare for impact and SLAM! I make hard contact with the frozen ground and knock my back outta alignment. It's happened before. Once in 2005, I actually paid a chiropractor to fix me up -- and he did.

We finish that run and do another and I decide to self-adjust while lying at the top of the next lift. Not a great idea, but I have been successful enough to encourage me to try. It's fucked up anyway, so might as well try. No good. Decided to hang at the bar and wait for him to finish his day. Nothing else we could do. I find a chiropractor in South Lake Tahoe (with the help of my lifeline at a desk back home) and $106 later I'm feeling better, but not fixed. That's how this process goes. You feel better incrementally, not all at once.

It took about 7 weeks to finally feel 100%. I was having nerve issues, with tingling shooting down my leg or arm or whatever.

Two weeks before leaving home for Tahoe, I sprained my ankle while jogging on the beach. Thought I was doing the right thing by jogging on a surface softer than concrete or asphalt.

About 7 weeks before that, my heart was fractured (not broken) and I questioned if the stress had weakened my joints/ligaments/something??

Being healthy is sooo important!


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