16 August 2009

I'll Drink the Kool-Aid, but Add Some Sugar

Hey - I'll run sales leads as far as I have to in order to get a contract signed and a huge commission, but not when there's an obvious disconnect between management and the optimization of human resources. Passive aggressive behavior? You bet. Stand for it? Hell no! I'm not drafted or enlisted. Sitting in the car for 85 mins to Pacifica and Carmel are great daytrips with a woman next to me. Maybe I could find somebody totally available to go with?

Holy shit! In 24 years of sales and customer service I've never been with a Co. that treats sales people as expenses. Charging for sample cases, sales books, color ink for the printer?? WTH? Nobody is allowed to log onto a computer. There's no water in the water cooler.

"A lead is a name and address of a person who may or may not already own our products ".

Total Bullshit from top to bottom. I never saw anybody close a deal. Went out with "the boss" and he didn't sell 2 roofs and our 3rd lead in training was actually a service call. Fucking guy couldn't close an umbrella.

Too much cracker jack and not enough prize.


Blogger jw said...

Just add Vodka....

11:37 AM  

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