16 July 2006

The Disney Diet

If I had a pedometer, I could have logged about 3.4 miles per day, walking about Disneyland. So, I burned a few calories there. I don't walk that much in a week and I don't run at all. I ride a bike and I should be swimming. Both are better for the joints.
Oh, sure, it would be great to simply walk D'land's paths in a single circle each day and ride each ride and be done in half the time. The problem is that some of the rides with the longest lines offer a FastPass, which is like setting an appointment and returning later, so you can skip most of the line. You still need to walk around and gather FastPasses and then ride the other rides in between your ride appointments.

Then, you have to ping-pong across to California Adventures to take advantage of those rides and FastPasses.

On top of this, there's the shows, Fantasmic, the Parade of Dreams, the Electrical Parade, and the fireworks at 9:30. The best part is going on the popular rides during the two parades and the two showings of Fantasmic because the lines are shorter.

Normally, we like to grab some food from the vendors to eat during the wait in line for the rides. This way, we can maximize the number of rides. It's all junk food, really. It's all overpriced, too. So, it's a bittersweet thing to have convenient, overpriced, junk food available near every ride at the park. So, I gained a few calories there.

I think I'm about even.


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