29 July 2006

Is Pro Football Fixed?

Some people feel that pro foot- ball is fixed. Most of these people are in the Indianapolis area.
After last season's playoffs- losing wide right field goal attempt by Mike Vanderjagt, the Colts have rep
laced him with Adam Vinatieri from the NE Patriots.
Vinatieri is so successful at kicking field goals and extra points, his nickname is "Adamatic" / Automatic.
Did that one missed kick cost the Colts a trip to the Superbowl? Sure did.
But, did the Colts really fix their team's woes? I don't believe so. Neither their father nor either of the two current Manning family quarterbacks have won a Superbowl title for any team. Three Bad Mannings.

Strap it up, everyone, football starts in September!
(hint: scroll down to number two)


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