17 July 2006

Kirk Joseph -and- John Nemeth at PHB

Great, great, great free music at Poor House Bistro on July 8th in celebration of PHB's first anniversary. In retrospect, I would have paid to see / hear Kirk Joseph's Backyard Groove and John Nemeth perform - especially had I attended the High Sierra Music Festival earlier this month. These two bands were so complementary on the same bill together. I can't imagine why more press wasn't given to this event in advance!!

What an awesome vocalist John Nemeth is. He has this solid BB King/Robert Cray wail that never falters. Precise enunciation and a soulful blues flair. Check it.

Kirk Joseph plays the sousafunk with authority. It's not a tuba, folks. The sousaphone seamlessly replaces the bass guitar in this band, while the drummer is a graduate of San Jose's Independence High.

Partway through their set,
Jay Meduri, co-owner of the PHB, sidled up to the band and picked through the guitar on a tune we're now calling "Make it Funky" - and it was. I hate to be the guy to tell people that they missed out on something big after the fact, but it was very likely the best local show of July. Such a small venue for such huge artists.

Nemeth will return to PHB August 11th and September 9th. Be there.


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