17 July 2006

Richard Simmons' Makeover

We all sweat when we exercise. None of us wants to wear a white, terrycloth headband to prevent stinging, salty sweat from killing our eyeballs.

Here's a major improvement over the cloth headband that I formerly used for cycling, and I should have brought this thing on a recent trip to SoCal while running through amusement parks in 95+ degree heat.

Sweat Gut'r.
It's $18.50 total, with shipping. You put it on with a Velcro closure at the back of your head and the sweat collects in a gutter valley, then drips down the side of your head, instead of down the front of your head and into your eyes. It's comfortable and nearly invisible. If only we could buy products and every company weren't fighting for ad space on your body. I'll update if I can remove the logo that you see in the photo.


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