05 July 2006

Seasonal MTB Tires

Have to say that I have huge riding confidence in the Larsen TT 2.35 from Maxxis - on the front. This tire has ramped, low-profile knobs, for low rolling resistance and low weight. The casing is wide. No, it's anaconda-huge! Gives great traction for this time of year, climbing or descending. This one's a little heavier than the 2.00K that I have, but that extra .35 gives you so much more confidence in the corners.

In the rear, I'm currently riding a VelociRaptor 2.1K from WTB. Great paddles and side knobs for climbing and cornering. Nice and narrow to keep it light - about 630 grams. A little lower pressure at 38psi makes for excellent traction uphill.


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