27 September 2006

Keep the Rubber Side Down

Finally!!! I received a pair of Wilderness Trail Bikes' 2.55 LT Weirwolf tires. Hard to find. When they are found, they're too expensive. I won an eBay auction for a pair + two Kenda tubes for $90, shipped. The "Team" tire can be found listed for $64.00 here. The "Race" tire is found for $45. each. Essentially, I paid 45. each and received two tubes, tax, shipping for free. That's the difference.

These tires have a huge casing for a good-sized contact patch on the ground and short knobs for light weight. They're called 2.55, but that's not the tire's width. It's a 58/55 size. DNA rubber compound, kevlar bead (instead of heavier wire), and these are the tires of choice for many people who are paid to race mountain bikes. I installed them this morning.

Replaced my Larsen TT 2.35K with the 2.55 Weirwolf. They are about the same size tire. Excellent low weight and low rolling resistance and large contact patch. Need more miles to give the final final, but I did some leaves/rocks over hardpack and the ride was solid!!! More later.


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