10 October 2006

Dem Bones

You might know that 5 weeks ago I broke the smallest of bones on the fingertip of my right middle --- and it was extremely frustrating not to be able to do anything normally. My left hand just hasn't been trained like my right hand. Well, boo hoo for me. It's fixed.

Friday, my mom broke her right elbow's funnybone (humerus).

What a pisser!

A broken elbow for your 71st birthday!

Awwww, hell.

My brother says she "needs to learn how to fall" after he watched her do the whole thing.

Hate to see family in pain.

Weird year it's been.

You know what's worse than that?
The operating doctor is the head of the department and he did the first operation incorrectly and had to re-open the cuts and use different length screws for the three plates that were used to re-construct the broken pieces of bone.


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