07 October 2006

Double Sessions for the Harvest Moon

Huh? 12% brighter for the Harvest Moon? Rode Santa Teresa today, then over to Alum Rock Park.

Here's the recipe:

Start at Almaden Lake (free to park), take the sandy trail toward Almaden following whippy singletrack along the Alamitos Creek, continute to Harry Rd., Enter trail between IBM orchard and rancher's meadow, up to the right at Stiles and the Mine Trail to the asphalt, down through upper S.T. Park entrance and left on the fireroad, continue to the radio tower at Coyote Peak, down Rocky Ridge, back to IBM road and loop back down through the switchbacks from the top and return to Almaden Lake, taking the singletrack adjacent to Los Alamitos Creek.

1:28 time
14.1 miles

Play Bocce ball facing west and the lake.
Self medicate. Whatever your thing is.

Loaded it all up into the truck and drive across the valley to A.R. Park. Cruised back to the last bridge that allows bikes. Tranq'd on the gurgling stream.

Rode to the top of Eagle Rock and watched the sunset through the shallow clouds on the horizon, admiring two new craftsman-style wood benches.
Repaired a goathead thorn flat in the rear - to complement the same in the front an hour earlier. (note to self : leave thorns in until end of ride)
Rode through all the speedy fireroads and tree-tunnel creekside singletrack and exited the park, back to the house.A great way to build endurance. Yes, a little lactic acid in between the two rides, but worth it. Embrace the pain. It reminds you that you're alive.

Take in the cacophany of stream, deer, fox, bobcat, coyote, squirrel, hawk, jay, crow, and turkey surrounding
The aromatherapy of blackberry, anise, bay, eucalyptus, oak, poison oak, foxtail, white birch, manzanita, juniper, maple, pine, and fall residential fireplace burn.

0:54 time
7.12 miles

Two goat's head thorns +4 more with the heads broken off.


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