10 October 2006

I Know, I Know - Deux

You wouldn't ride a roller-coaster without the safety harness, so why do it in a car?

The layout of Kaiser Santa Teresa Hospital is as cryptic as most doctors' handwriting.

Once a cup of coffee became $3.00 all hell broke loose in franchised food industry pricing.

A $10. prime rib sandwich at Quizno's is a $6.00 steak sandwich they needed to Re-Name in order to make it profitable at $10.

Most elevators now have cell phone repeaters. Walk toward the elevator to get a signal in an otherwise "dead" building.

Jobs, homes, cars, friends all come and go. Family is for life.

Courtesy may not always be returned, but discourtesy surely will.

You don't have to floss all of your teeth.
Just the ones that you want to keep.

Sales is a constantly repeating job interview.

Your computer's hard drive will fail... Do you know when?... Backup daily while you floss.

Introducing somebody by their name only is no intro, my friend.
Jane Doe can be :
Jane Doe, my guitarist friend;
Jane Doe, who rescues dolphins;
Jane Doe, the stamp collector.

Remember that Jane Doe, alone,
is an anonymous woman without a life.
Please introduce your friends with life.


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