06 November 2006

Football Season is over in PGH

Big Ben is being paid off.

Coach Cowher has stopped coaching.

Al Qaeda is controlling the NFL in America.

So many conspiracy theories, so little thought put into them. I don't know how to respond to the many ridiculous ideas being passed around the fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers. All I know is that after SuperBowl 40, we wouldn't see anything similar for a while from the Steelers. Why? Jerome Bettis, Kimo von Oelhofen, Antwaan Randle El all left the team. When that kind of upheaval occurs, the lockerroom and the practice field can feel it.

There was such a letdown after the 2004 season with one one loss during the regular season, that the players were fired up from the summer camp to get back onto the field and get to the SuperBowl. The threat of major players leaving the team gave them the push to get the job done and finish off strong. Now that some players have left, the chemistry just isn't the same --- and it's very obvious. Big Ben was a phenom in his rookie year. In his second year, he helped lead the team to become the youngest QB ever to win a SB. Now, he's looking like the youngest SB hangover victim as he throws the ball to the other team more than ever.

That's okay. One SB victory every 25 years is all I need.

BTW : What does NFL stand for when the team has had 1 more turnover halfway through the season than they did all of last season? Not For Long.


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