14 November 2006

It never ends

Alone in a giant world populated by billions that is dwarfed by the endless galaxies located by billion dollar telescopes operated by a chosen few scientists.

We're all here on Earth for the same things : to get the most out of life. That's about it. We want the best for ourselves, our families, our friends. Everyone else? Not so much. We don't have that much energy.

Life is short? The hell it is. What could you do that is longer than your life? Our individual existences alive can be termed "short" --- this I agree.

How many ways can you cheat the Grip Reaper? I know one way : Duck! His scythe swings in an arc of measurable range. But, don't allow him a second swipe. He will take your head off your neck, for certain.

Backpacking through the western Yosemite territory, a group of us took a night hike and encountered a sleeping bear. Who would have been attacked if we had awakened this gentle beast? There's no telling.

While standing in line for a roller coaster at Disneyland 3 years ago, the ride was closed and we were whisked away. We later learned that a young man lost his life and several more park guests were injured when the train derailed. Not that close.

Fell from a school roof in my earliest teens and broke only my wrists and my courage for a few years. The physics involved would have easily allowed me to land straight onto my crown. Used up a pass that time.



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