29 December 2006

Constant Gentle Pressure

Constant Gentle Pressure... Took me up through the switchbacks climbing Stile Ranch trail to Mine trail. Dropping down into the valley and climbing again through the switchbacks to pass near IBM Almaden Research Center.
Climb again on Hidden Springs to reach Coyote Peak and drop through Rocky Ridge and out to return through the path of valleys and switchbacks --- finally to Calero Creek trail taking me to Los Alamitos Creek trail and then to return at Coleman & Winfield a split second! before the Ranger locked the parking lot gates.
Before she left, she asked me to wrap the chain through the 8-foot high chain-link fence gates and then close the padlock. I had to lock a couple cars inside the park overnight. Ouch. The beauty of the day was in the slight cloud cover -- as a contrast to yesterday's flawless sapphire skies.
For a few moments during the sunset, a flag of red clouds wove above Mt. Umunhum, the white cube building in sharp contrast.
Across the valley, golden light bathed the east foothills and the white observatories at Mt. Hamilton.
More random views:
~ The striking orange and red lichen growing on crumbling brown-grey rock.
~ The nine deer mindlessly grazing on a sloping hillside meadow; not a care.
~ The sunlight reflecting off the bottom of the bay as an airliner descends into SJC.


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