26 February 2007

Meanwhile - the ever present weather

Today's update March 6th

And the precip forecast for Wednesday Night

The diff btwn the highs and lows locally has been about 7F for 48hrs. Killer for cycling today or tonight. Plan on 55F +/-

Tried out the new Pure V from WTB's new series of saddles this week on their LBS Test Ride exchange program. Won't soon be riding the titanium and carbon fiber models for this deal.
It was on my mind, as I nearly bought a blue Fizik Gobi for $85 as an alternative to the Aliante Carbon for $188.

DEAL : $25 deposit and some ID gets you a loaner saddle in black/yellow, including these 8 models:
Shadow V

Rocker V
Laser V
Pure V
Leisure She

The saddles for sale are not offered from WTB in the striking yellow/black demonstration combination, rather they are sold in blue, white, black, silver, grey, red, cream, chrome, & camo.
First test
25 FEB 07
11.2 miles
Saddle : Pure V
Shorts : Fox Base w/chamois
Very cushy in comparison to my current Selle Italia Flite Trans Am
(shown below) with its split in the center and slim padding that has been flawless for two years. The Pure V is softer by far, but not overweight for their 5 model variations in the 240-355 gram range.
I continue to find some amount of numbing, which requires standing sprints to relieve.

The Koobi Xenon (shown on the wood table) is mounted on my other ride -- it has a distinct split which runs the length of the nose. Will "test ride" that saddle Tuesd
ay with the WTB Silverado .
And on Monday... here's the Silverado I checked out. These are New saddles that nobody else has taken out yet. Only one has been ridden by a shop employee!

Rain? All day today.

Submitted a rain break request to Mother Nature and scheduled a ride for Tuesday on the Silverado. Check out the underside view which includes the cross-cuts where your "sit bones" would rest on the seat. Also, a cutout on the front with some top-shelf, proprietary material WTB is calling "comfort cone". I dunno what it could be.
BE SURE TO click on the photos for better viewing.
More later...


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