09 May 2007

New Study : Cats and Humans BOTH have Nine Lives

Well, it finally happened.

The house was burglarized last Friday. Scary? You betcha. 'Specially when you're home during the event.
A new study I recently completed suggests that humans AND cats both have nine lives. Several of mine have been well-spent in the past 3 years. Bad luck/good luck? I dunno if I believe in luck by itself.

Burglary seems pretty random. I suspect everybody and nobody. Our doors and windows were locked --- they always are. Our only fault is that we didn't react quickly to all the noise as they broke through the garage doors to gain entry to the house. The house has an alarm system, but it wasn't armed while we were inside. Now it is. We've accidentally set it off about 5x since then. Coffee? No thanks, I'm on adrendaline. Sleep? My ears won't allow me to sleep. Everything sounds like burglary.

With the heat, burglary season arrives. Lock yer windows and doors -- even the 2nd story. Anyone can carry a telescopic ladder and climb in. Not trying to be alarmist, just a realist. "Can't happen here"?? Pshaw!!

I've been accidentally shot on Halloween, my truck was burgled of sporting gear and a speaker box, a bear ran through our campsite and thieved the primary ingredients for smores, and I've had minor bicycle crashes. What's next?

I already know. Don't tell me.


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