16 April 2008

It finally happened, part 40

I've been falling off of bicycles since my 5th birthday when I received my first two-wheeled bike. I knocked out my two front top teeth on a curb in front of the family compound in CA. Today, I was JRA in Wilder Ranch on Dairy Trail (beneath "PARK" on this map) I must have been distracted by the soundtrack in my mind. Y'know the one that is static free and switches songs flawlessly with lightning speed.

So, I'm loosely riding a sandy, foot-wide singletrack and I didn't see a small drop that bounced me off the bike ---> straight onto the downhill side covered by blackberry and poison oak. It was a soft, prickly landing that made me laugh because it didn't hurt as much as annoy me. There was nothing to push off of and my head was pointed downhill -- with my bike humping my leg! The bike and I were fine and we finished the ride in 1:04:00 with 9.7 miles. It's a great loop of mostly singletrack that can be done btwn the final whistle at the office & sunset.

I've never fallen into the thicket like that. Ever. Oh, sure -- I've hit rocks, but not the barbs of vines that wrap around your socks and shorts.

Which is worse?


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