28 July 2008

Where Else Can You See BOC + Y&T for $24?

Santa Cruz is still friendly to metal heads.

Originally known as Soft White Underbelly in 1967, Blue Oyster Cult did 2 sets on the Boardwalk stage Friday evening.
The first one in daylight was cool b/c there were THE MOST people in attendance than for any band I've seen at The B. Stage left and right on the sand were filled with people seated on blankets/chairs for 100 yards, easily. I stood at the railing on the ramp to the 2nd story rides.

Blue Oyster Cult opened with 2 good time kickass rock n roll songs that nearly any band could have played and the audience would have followed the band anywhere from there. Introduce the band and a song which made them famous in 1979 that was popularized on TV when SNL wrote a skit around it... And a man on a chair in the sand starts kanking off a cowbell rhythm and the crowd roared! They kicked out the jams on that one and played some more recognizable tunes -- saving their signature songs for last: Buck's Boogie, Don't Fear(the Reaper),

During the 2nd set, night had fallen and the stage lights set the mood right. Introduced the band and I had recognized Rudy Sarzo as the bassist from Ozzy's first solo band. They played a medley that included 16 bars from Crazy Train, a song from Whitesnake, Dio, and Quiet Riot. Nice range.

Yesterday & Today at the Catalyst on Saturday night did NOT disappoint. Those guys are still as high energy, slamming rock n roll as they ever were. My first concert as a lad in the South Bay. Who else... it could have been the Doobie Bros or any other local favorite. Huey Lewis played at my high school one evening. And the story was that Santana was a close #2. WTF?

Y&T cranked through 4 or 5 songs before taking a breath, and then did it again for another grip of tunes. No new songs... all of what the audience came to hear. Expertly harmonized on nearly every song. I had forgotten about this of Y&T. Nearly all of their songs are sung by 4 people. Their entire catalog was expertly played by original members Dave Meniketti + Phil Kennemore on bass. Voice sounds the same.

Some vocalists' voices change over 35 years... Wonder why Meniketti's has remained the same? Surely, he was doing coke in the 80s?!? The band was drinking some special booze onstage that looked like Jager from a distance. Sharing it with the front row in dixie cups, too.

They played for 2.5 hours and made sure that everyone who remained at 2:01:00 was aware of this. Kennemore slugged another shot from the bottle and issued several MF-bombs to the pussies who left early.

My ears stopped ringing Sunday and I'm still smiling from the weekend.


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