08 October 2008

Indian Summer in Santa Cruz

August and September were frequently foggy. It was a crappy experience to get people fired up to go sailing and then get fogged in -- several times. This past week, however, it's been the classic, fog-free Indian Summer that we all remember from our youths.

And what a day this was. Crystal clear as far as you could see. A small amount of transparent fog veiled the view to Monterey.

Went to the harbor with the West Marine Art team and four of us modeled self-inflating PFDs that will be the photos used for a flier or catalog. I was part of 2 pairs of "models" which cruised around on two boats: one taking photos of the occupants of the other boat, usually positioned with the harbor lighthouse in the background.
The photographer asked me, "Is this your first modeling job?"
"Welllll", I said, "the first time with my clothes on".

(what's a PFD?)


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