19 May 2008

Schenker v5.0

Michael Schenker has released a new album with the vocalist from the first MSG band which formed after he left UFO. Who? Gary Barden, of course. A dozen tracks from "In the Midst of Beauty" sound like vintage MSG from 20 years ago. As a lonnnnngtime fan of Schenker, I can't say that this is the most explosive album ever released, however I will say that this is true return to form.

For years, he has been in and out of UFO and various solo lineups that produced original material - both acoustic and electric. Other lineups were strictly cover bands that kicked out the jams on all of the rock n roll standards. Kind of a "back to the basics" phase for Mr. Flying V.

On this new album, he's said to have recorded it using the Dean V with smaller diameter .009 gauge strings than in the past. Mebbe his fingers need more flexy strings in his later years???

18 May 2008

She Changed 3 Lanes and Her Shirt

A friend of mine has 2 kids. She says the kids put all foods into 2 categories: things you put ketchup on and things you put chocolate syrup on.