30 January 2009

President #44 Predicts Steelers win in SB

I just think it's worth noting that the Arizona Cardinals professional football team represents the only state in the union that doesn't observe Martin Luther King Day as a holiday... and for the first time in the 233 year history of this country, we now have a black president -- who is backing the opposing team from Pittsburgh, PA where they do take that day off from work.

After a 1990 proposition to recognize the holiday in Arizona did not pass, the National Football League boycotted hosting Super Bowl XXVII at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe.

Go Steelers!

27 January 2009

Get to Know the Arizona Cardinals

Of course, as a lifelong Pittsburgh Steeler fan, I refer to them as the Shartinals.

Here they are in their full glory.

26 January 2009

Valentine Wishes

Hey - it's approaching soon.

I know we want it to be special. As special as we are.

standby for updates...


25 January 2009

Can I go to the SuperBowl, too?

Here's a source for tickets.

Holy cannolli! Thatsa lotta money!

15 January 2009

Ohhh the Games Being Played

The largest lenders with the largest budgets buy info from the Credit Reporting Bureaus known as Experian, Equifax, TransUnion.

If I get a home loan and my credit is checked by the lender, suddenly, my phone is blowing up with calls from other lenders & my mailbox is blowing up with telegrams from the same and additional lenders. Everyone wants my busine$$.

Banks buy these hot leads for Big Bucks.
And, they facilitate the sale of your own credit report for ... $20 or so, at retail.
And, they will sign you up for a credit protection (coughmafiacough) plan for $35/year.
And, any time you open a new credit card at a cash register for 10% off or whatever, there's a credit check / inquiry and nearly anyone at that store can find access to your credit report.
Credit files aren't exactly secure. They're definitely constantly for sale.

It's a long way to the top, if you wanna NFL

And then the Steelers try to get to the 2009 SB in Tampa Florida. Played the toughest regular season schedule in the NFL, announced at the beginning of this 2008 season.

They've lost two that they should not have lost.

And maybe won a couple the same way.

The team has a purpose and it can be seen on the screen.

Same as the 2005 run for the SuperBowl ring.

Calling all Quitters!

Okay, all my new year's resolution friends, time to check in!

How's your fitness plan going ? Making wise course adjustments ?

Share your greatest victory tale of overcoming the impossible ?

Can you justify anything in your substance release plan for 2009 ?

Is there a successful substitution for your D of C ?