29 July 2006

David Lee Froth

Forty-two. If I had to guess, I would say forty-two was the median age of the crowd. He's been doing this since 1955, so that's just fine. There was a lotta froth surrounding the Discovery Meadow in advance of the David Lee Roth appearance for a posthumous rendition of his vocal prowess. I say that because it appears that his career and his voice are dead.

To their credit, the band did a fair job of covering all the classic
VanHalen hits from the 70s and 80s. Those were the best songs of the times. Runnin' with the Devil, Dancing in the Street, Jamies Crying, California Girls, Eruption, Unchained, Hot for Teacher, Beautiful Girls, Somebody Get Me a Doctor, Panama, Dance the Night Away, Jump, And the Cradle Will Rock, and throw in some covers of covers - such as "Just a Gigolo" and "Oh, Pretty Woman".

Drummer, Jimmy DeGrasso is a local who has played with Y&T and Megadeth, with many more on his resume.

This show was classic Diamond Dave, changing clothes between songs and doing spinning back kicks during. Guitar solos, band intros, and giddy banter for the audience's approval. A midday show doesn't allow for lighting and pyrotechnics on the lawn adjacent the San Jose GrandPrix, with cars causing "angry hornets" background noise.

At this show, DLR didn't do the bluegrass version of anything, as he did on the late-night talk show circuit throughout June. On The Tonight Show w/Leno, Late Night w/Letterman, Regis, Late Night w/Conan, The Late Show w/Craig Ferguson, he and 11 muisicians did an acoustic version of "Jump" and "Jamie's Cryin'" in support of a 2006 release titled "Strummin' with the Devil", wearing a gingham shirt and jeans in his corniest caricature of himself. It looked like fun for the grandparents, but for those of us who remember his testosterone-poisoned carousing image, it was career suicide.

It was a great performance for memories while all that racing noise was going on in the background.


Blogger Martijn said...

Was that a wild or a wise guess?
Isn't it an old age for a pop-concert?

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