05 July 2006

New Orleans : SanJoseStyle

The One Year Anniversary is here already for the Poor House Bistro. For everyone directly involved with the restaurant and its operations, surely it feels like one year has passed. For the rest of us... Where did the time go?
Speaking of going : Go to PHB! Remember to order the bread pudding when you order your food. Just in case there ain't enough for everyone that night!

We've had great beignets, gumbo, muffaletta sandwiches, red beans & rice, crawfish pasta, jambalaya, and well, everything. We've enjoyed Abita's, PBR, Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams, and more from the taps while the music on the patio completes the weekends. While it's a great spot for lunch, hundreds enjoy PHB before a concert or hockey game at The Pavilion.

Recommendation : get there in time for Joe Nemeth, an outstanding vocalist / blues harp player. Check the schedule on their site for all the evolving details. See also : "Blues on a Mission", on this blog..


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