07 July 2006

The Parade of Meat, Part IV

For a special occasion we ventured once more to Espetus on San Francisco's Market Street. It's a churrascaria, which basically means a kitchen whose cooking style is churrasco, started by gauchos or ranchers in Brazil during the 1800s. In addition to livestock, the ranchers farmed vegetables and fruits on their land. The gauchos would dig pits on the plains and fill them with wood and stoke a fire. Once the wood turned to golden embers skewers of meat were slowly roasted and then continuously served at the table by these knife-carrying gentlemen. The tradition carries on today at Espetus.

This time, we brought an authentic Brazilian with us. Everything on the 'menu' passed with flying colors, per our transplanted friend. Let's clear that one up here: there's a dessert menu, but no real 'menu' for the meal. The (native rum) caipirinha drinks eased us into the kingly task of enjoying "
The Parade of Meat", which is a $35 fixed price, all-you-can-devour arrangement. Many thanks to our friend, D.L., for directing us to this gem.

If you can overstay your welcome at a restaurant, I'll bet it won't be here. Their friendly staff never eases up on serving top sirloin, chicken, prawns, pork loin, filet mignon, sausage, lamb and pineapple. Sauces and spices are adequate, not overdone. We've never had a bad anything at Espetus.

Be sure to load up your plate with the cous-cous, lettuce salad, three-bean salad, heart of palm, cucumber, tomato and all the other vegetables and salads after being shown to yer table by the hostess - and let the feast begin. Disclaimer: this is not the same idea, at all.

Parking on the street -- within a few blocks -- can be had for free.


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