30 July 2006

it's cooler in the cooler

Hey mister, can we swim in your building?

My shoes are tacky on the asphalt and I imagine sticking if I stop walking.

Hot sands melt us after escaping an even hotter city.

If treeshade didn't follow the sun, if ice didn't expire at sea level, if cool weather could be packaged and sold.

Standing too long in one place burned the change outta my pocket.

Half of my lungs were busy filling the other half

Dusty air draws the life out of every living thing

In this heat, creeping reptiles aren't protected from searing skin off of their toes.

The look from the chameleon says,
"it's too hot for that, I call time out".
At 112F, there's no predator and no prey.
Not an issue of "top of the food chain"
It's simply survival for those who adapt.

Cloud sprinkles spawned confusion on the final day of California's July

Just enough to get the cars dirty, not enough to rinse it away

How long is the line for tomorrow's car wash?



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