27 September 2006

Shilling Again

Had some down time with that broken finger, so I decided to clean the Tahoe. Found a couple of great products. Napa Auto Parts sells an excellent stainless steel & chrome cleaner/polish called Blue Max 3400. Best I've used - thanks to Curtis for this can o' wonder polish! It's sold in a metal cylindrical can the same size as motor oil. An unrelated backstory from '04 can be found here.

Meguiar's makes an excellent leather & vinyl cleaner they call Gold Class. If you take your car to the car wash and they use ArmorAll on the interior, they're not cleaning the surfaces, they're simply making them shinier. That ArmorAll stuff gathers dust, etc. and never gets the car clean. They also have a two-stage cleaning and conditioning set of products for leather. Why? To double their profits, I guess. Just get the stuff in the black bottle.


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