14 October 2006

How do You want to live Your dash?

On your tombstone, your birth year is separated from your death year by a dash. That dash represents every single moment that occurs while you are living. So, you must answer the question : How do you want to live your dash?

Have you ever anagrammed your own name? It's definitely different.

You absolutely, positively MUST do whatever it takes to stay healthy. I've seen the future, and it is nothing without health.

I was listening to a woman from Spain, who was visiting the USA. She was describing this one difference between our peoples: In America, we work 55-60 hour weeks until we hit that magic number in age and we retire. Along the way, we take 2 weeks off for vacation during the summer. At the age of retirement, many of us cannot fully enjoy our freedom from work to travel because our health won't allow it. The Spaniards, however, take 10 weeks off each year and travel every year while they are healthy enough to do it 100%. I agree.
(credit due goes to Tony Curtis Golden Retriever for the title.)


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