26 February 2007

Electrical Storm

Same as everyone else reading this, I had a list of things to complete today. One of them didn't have to be "today". There I went, driving around with a "go-back" for UPS -- the driver didn't pick up the package for return yesterday. I could schedule another pickup tomorrow if I don't see a truck today.

7 tasks, 37 miles, driving everywhere to get this stuff done. On the road, I see Fred X and DuHLiveries, but no UPS trucks. Checking off my action list, I make a detour to stop at the UPS store that I've been to 10x and now it is (gone. closed.)
For nearly an hou more of solid productivity - including phone calls - I am seeing zero UPS stores that are even a Co-Op with some thing else...

I return home and just as I am slowing to park, a UPS truck approaches from around the corner in the opposite direction and we park a single car length away from each other. We both exit, I hand him the package, and it's done.

Effing Amazing.


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