22 May 2007

Bay to Breakers 2007

Had to try it out before the big 4-0 arrived. The 96th B2B. It was about 2:37:00 for us.
7.5 miles isn't far to run, unless you're pushing a keg along the course. Basically run west from the Embarcadero / Ballpark up and over the peninsula and finish at the ocean.
It's not really a race for the 65,000 people behind the actual racers. Way too many naked men and not enough women. There was a topless band of both genders that had a great female guitarist.
We saw this great Jewish Surf Music band called Meshugga Beach Party. There's about 20 live bands and DJs set up along the course along public streets and sections of Golden Gate Park.

This is a race you have to see. We'll be there next year!


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